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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Often the best way to describe coaching is by comparing it to other known approaches - consulting, training, and mentoring - to setting goals and achieving success. 

Consultants are engaged to provide problem-specific solutions. Mentors provide the insight of someone who 'has walked a mile in your shoes' and is willing to share lessons learned from that experience. Training is specific to learning a new skill or application. 

Coaching is partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaching is an inherently unique and customized experience. As a coach, I work with each client to help them achieve their own vision of a successful corporate culture and / or organizational fit.

I employ a combination of coaching, training and consulting methods to help clients set and reach their goals. This has proven to be a highly effective approach.

How do I know if your approach is right for my organization and / or me?​

I always begin with a discovery session. What's happening in your organization now? What's working? What are the organization's strengths? I will seek to understand the key drivers, related issues and high-level goals as they relate to coaching and consulting. We will explore how we will work together and to what degree my expertise and style will benefit you. 

A similar approach applies to individual clients. We will explore the who, what, how and why of your current situation and discuss your desire to progress towards your full potential. 

If we agree to move forward, we will create an overall engagement plan, the components of which are customized for each client. 

How long will we work together for a coaching and consulting engagement? What are your fees?

The length of any engagement depends on the clients' goals and priorities.

Typical initial engagements with organizations range from three to nine months. Many clients continue the engagement to monitor progress, and clarify issues that require continual attention and identify sources for continued development.

Engagements with individuals for career transitions and progressions usually include four to six sessions; each client's needs are unique. 

I work with all clients to customize programs and services for each engagement, thus fees vary based on scope of the engagement. 


Where do you meet with clients?


Since I work with clients across the country, phone and video sessions are common for coaching sessions. This approach minimizes travel expense, expands scheduling options, fosters a more consistent experience - all of which optimize the results of the coaching engagement. 
Workshops and speaking engagements are conducted at the venue of the client's choosing. Online workshops and seminars are becoming a very popular option. 

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